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 (Marvel) X-Men 2011 (Episode 1-12) 720p x264-Rexal

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PostSubject: (Marvel) X-Men 2011 (Episode 1-12) 720p x264-Rexal    Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:19 pm

(Marvel) X-Men 2011 (Episode 1-12) 720p x264-Rexal

Quote :
(Marvel) X-Men 2011 (Episode 1-12) 720p x264-Rexal
English | MKV | H264 1489kbps | 1280 x 720 23.98fps | AC3 256kbps | 2.64 GB
Genre: TVshow / Animation / Action

The X-Men are a team of elite super-powered mutants gathered by Professor X to protect ordinary humans even as they are persecuted by them. In the wake of the death of one of their own, however, the team has stopped operations for a whole year. Then Professor X receives word of a mutant girl's mysterious disappearance in Japan. Sensing that something larger is afoot, he reassembles the team and sends them to investigate. They uncover a connection between her disappearance and an anti-mutant group known as the U-Men.

Episode 1 - 12

Eg: Ep 12


http://www.wupload.com/file/38406150/[Weapon+] X-Men.part01.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38406424/[Weapon+] X-Men.part02.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38407049/[Weapon+] X-Men.part03.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38406812/[Weapon+] X-Men.part04.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38406256/[Weapon+] X-Men.part05.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38406268/[Weapon+] X-Men.part06.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38406476/[Weapon+] X-Men.part07.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38406210/[Weapon+] X-Men.part08.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38407571/[Weapon+] X-Men.part09.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38407349/[Weapon+] X-Men.part10.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38407316/[Weapon+] X-Men.part11.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38407551/[Weapon+] X-Men.part12.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38408072/[Weapon+] X-Men.part13.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/38407605/[Weapon+] X-Men.part14.rar
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(Marvel) X-Men 2011 (Episode 1-12) 720p x264-Rexal
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