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 CA ARCserve D2D-LuLZiSO

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PostSubject: CA ARCserve D2D-LuLZiSO   Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:31 am


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CA ARCserve D2D-LuLZiSO | 254MB

CAARCserve D2D is a new disk-based backup solution from CA Technologiesthat makes protecting and recovering your business data on both physicaland virtual servers a snap. An innovative Web 2.0 interface proactivelyfeeds you updates that help you confidently meet and manage yourrecovery SLAs. It is the only product that has Bare Metal Restore todissimilar hardware and block-level infinite incremental snapshots,based on CAs patent pending I2 Technology. Like data deduplication, I2Technology means that after your first full backup there is no need foradditional full backups. So you drastically reduce the backup window,network traffic, disk storage and load on your production applications.CA ARCserve D2D is also integrated with CA ARCserve Backup, or may beused with any backup solution for non-disruptive backups.
CA ARCserve D2D-LuLZiSO FREE Download
Key Benefits
Block level I2 Technology , like data deduplication, uses lessstorage space, performs backups faster, puts less of a load on yourproduction servers and performs backups every 15 minutes for greaterlevels of protection.
Protection for virtual servers provides asingle user interface to help protect virtual servers as well asphysical servers, saving training time and simplifying operations.
Single snapshot backup with four restore types.
Bare Metal Restore offers a lightning-fast way to recover a crashed server to the same or dissimilar hardware.
End user search and recover file and folder level items from user data sets without administrator intervention.


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