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 TeamViewer Manager 6.0.940.0 Incl Patch

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PostSubject: TeamViewer Manager 6.0.940.0 Incl Patch   Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:46 am

TeamViewer Manager 6.0.940.0 Incl Patch

Quote :
TeamViewer Manager is a simple, network-capable and easy to operate database application that manages all of your TeamViewer partners and offers extensive functions for evaluating sessions.

TeamViewer Manager is an optional database tool that stores your partner details in a database that can also be shared over the network with other supporters. It also includes sophisticated logging and reporting functionality for your connections.

TeamViewer Manager can be installed locally on a single workstation as well as on multiple workstations on a network.

For the simultaneous use in a network, TeamViewer Manager must be installed locally on each workstation. Access to the database takes place over Microsoft SQL Server.

You can use TeamViewer Manager for the following applications:

* Directly establishing a connection with the partner of your choice.

* Categorizing partners into different groups.

* Synchronizing partners with the TeamViewer partner list

* Adding notes and additional information to the respective partner and respective connection.

* Detailed summary of connections with your partners.

* Displaying session recordings for every connection

* Calculations can be performed based on individually stored hourly rates

* Additional possibility of accessing your partner via remote desktop

* Exporting data to Microsoft Excel or as HTML file for printing purposes

The latest improvements at a glance:

* Synchronization of TeamViewer Manager and TeamViewer partner list

* Manual and automatic merging of connections

* Partner-specific indication of data for calculating connection costs and possibility of inheriting these values (hourly rate, basic charge, etc.)


Unpack, install (Donot Run), Copy patch to installation folder and Apply it to Register


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TeamViewer Manager 6.0.940.0 Incl Patch
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