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 MAC OS X 10.4.6 Tiger (Retail DVD)

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PostSubject: MAC OS X 10.4.6 Tiger (Retail DVD)   Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:01 pm

MAC OS X 10.4.6 Tiger (Retail DVD)

Quote :
MAC OS X 10.4.6 Tiger (Retail DVD) | 4.18 GB

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger offers more than 200 new features to make controlling your Personal information, applications and usage

easier than ever. Accelerate your research with the powerful new development tools. Work with Integrated support for critical

Audio functions for better Music at home. While you're doing both ofthese, you can also do just about everything else, from

checking the weather to managing e-mail. Find, manage and enjoy the things you care about more effectively, with the most

advanced Operating system yet released. Prepare to be amazed at how far operating systems have come. VoiceOver gives users

with disabilities equal access to the power and simplicity of the Mac 64-bit UNIX based operating system with advanced

distributed computing facilities and collaborative tools Also includes broader parental controls for children, better Mail

organizing and archiving options, iChat AV and other tools for research, audio/video, design, photography and small business

management .

Orignal Download Provider --> Freshwap.com

*Extract and burn the provided .ISO of the origin
al Tiger DVD using your favorite burning software (windows or mac).

*This is exactly what you get when you buy Tiger

**Uploaded and tested by me, enjoy another fine upload.
For all the people new to making install DVDs, here is what to do.
(I did steps 1-3 on a PC)
1. Download all the .rar files and put them in order in a folder
2. Download Winrar to your PC, and open the first Tiger .rar with Winrar
3. This will combine them and extract them into one file - Tiger.iso
You can do 3 steps above on Mac (i just tell you what to do)
4. Migrate the file to the mac desktop via USB stick or HDD
5. Open disc utility
6. Select burn
7. Select the Tiger.iso
8. Burn

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MAC OS X 10.4.6 Tiger (Retail DVD)
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