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 Drumdrops Compact Disco WAV REX

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PostSubject: Drumdrops Compact Disco WAV REX    Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:57 pm

Drumdrops Compact Disco WAV REX

Quote :

Drumdrops Compact Disco WAV REX | 441MB

Drumdrops are proud to present a fresh collection of authentic Disco and Funk musical loops

for modern producers looking to inject an authentic Disco groove into their productions.

Drumdrops have pushed out the Funk bus to deliver another set of supremely authentic royalty

free samples which have as usual been recorded in meticulous detail by some of the best

players on the planet.

This pack weighs in at 365MB and includes 123 inspirational loops at 24Bit between 102 - 127

Bpm. You get a great selection of Sax, Vox, Guitar, Synth, Live Bass, Pianos, Horns and

Wurlitzers for a bargain price!

Compact Disco includes - 123 Delicious Disco Loops including vintage 70s and 80s electric

bass, pimping guitar hooks and vintage synth lines and Bonus Sax Hooks. Get ready to Party

in pure Studio 54 Fashion!

Recorded with the very best 70s equipment like Neve 8078 and Studer Tape Machines, including

vintage effects like the Mutron 3, Boomerang Wah Wah and Maestro Universal Guitar

Synthesizer System.

Recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders, Los Angeles by some of LA's hottest disco players!

Compact Disco is the perfect accompaniment to Drumdrops Disco Drops – the best Disco

Drumloops on the planet – check this and all the other Drumdrops products out today.

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Drumdrops Compact Disco WAV REX
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