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PostSubject: iTunes   Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:21 pm


Quote :
iTunes | 155MB

iTunes multimedia processor manufactured by Apple all in one. Allows you to listen to music, including the transmitted Internet radio stations, watch videos, convert media files, and burn music CDs and DVD. Main features: multi band equalizer, audio visualization, creation of smart lists auditions coding without interruption and with the imposition of the normalization volume and much more, including a very good sounding player and user friendly interface and the ability to copy songs to memory portable music player Apple iPod. In addition, iTunes has built in access to pay services, download music online iTunes Music Store. Latter is true for Russian users are unlikely in the foreseeable future will be relevant, but still ... Interface multilingual. The distribution is, except for iTunes, is QuickTime.

By default, iTunes uses music in AAC, 128kbit/sek. It is in this format are all purchased through the iTunes Store songs. However, the built in encoder can be configured to MP3. In this case, for example, songs from the CD, you can save as MP3. Music bought from the iTunes Store has built in protection mechanism, and can not be converted to a format other regular means. However, you can record a song on the disc and then copy the disc onto your computer in any convenient format.

May 9, 2005 was presented version of iTunes 4.8 which was implemented video support. Users to copy their films and videos in the library iTunes. October 12, 2005, when iTunes 6 was released to the iTunes Store came first video: music videos and TV shows. As of September 5, 2007 on the iTunes Store features more than 550 TV shows, more than 70 films. Video, purchased from the iTunes Store is usually encoded at 540kbit/sek in protected MPEG 4 (H.264) and has a sound track in the AAC format at a speed 128kbit/sek. iTunes supports video formats. MOV,. MP4, 3GP and other


You can easily purchase their favorite TV shows and TV series and watch them on your PC, Mac, iPod or iPhone e e.

There are audio and video podcasts. Podcasts are distributed as free, and with the fee. For Russian users may be interested in podcasts of news from NTV.


You can listen to any of the hundreds of radio stations online. You will need a stable internet connection at a speed of at least 56 kbit / s (recommended at least 128 kbit / s).

iTunes Store
Tunes Store on line store built into iTunes, where you can purchase not only music but movies, podcasts and TV shows. Now iTunes Store is available only to full in 22 countries the United States, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zelanii, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, UK . All other countries (a full list of 70 countries), including Russia the contents of the store is limited to content for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The cost of the songs from the iTunes Store 99 cents (as with the protection and without). However, not all songs are available without protection.
Heterogeneity, as well as the absence of any content in different countries due to the position holders of content. Apple is entitled only to part with the software for the iPhone obespeniem and iPod Touch. The rest of the content (music, video, etc.) is owned by record companies and film companies, major Hollywood. Only the owners can decide the content in the store what country do their work accessible.

Also, the latest version of iTunes and firmware updates iPhone and iPod Touch to version 2.0, it is possible to download applications from AppStore on iPhone and iPod Touch on a paid or unpaid basis.

Options iTunes:
Navigating the multimedia library, search letter by letter, present the data in a list, grid, CoverFlow.
The organization of multimedia libraries, creating playlists, smart playlists and folders.
Genius a technology for creating playlists (by selecting the appropriate composition of the program will offer songs from the internet).
Edit metadata of songs such as author, composer, cover, etc.
Record or import songs from CD.
Play music, movies, podcasts, multi band equalizer, visualizer mode, the mini player.
Internet radio.
Buying songs on the Internet.
Sync with iPod, iPhone and Apple TV.

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Language: Multilanguage
Released: 2011

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