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 Todd Krueger - Foundational Chart Analysis Series: Support / Resistance Techniques of Professional Traders

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PostSubject: Todd Krueger - Foundational Chart Analysis Series: Support / Resistance Techniques of Professional Traders   Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:49 am

Todd Krueger - Foundational Chart Analysis Series: Support / Resistance Techniques of

Professional Traders

Quote :
Todd Krueger Foundational Chart Analysis Series: Support / Resistance Techniques of

Professional Traders
English | avi | 584 x 436 | yuv420p 1114 Kbps | 30 Kbps | mp3 192 Kbps | 2.91 GB
Genre: Investing | Trading | Stocks

The Most Effective, Practical and Comprehensive Training Course to Identify Professional

Traders Support and Resistance Levels is now Available.

The information presented in this trading course provides vital knowledge that is absolutely

essential to master if you expect to succeed in your trading and investing career. This

market intelligence is so critical to your success, that I dont believe any trader/investor

can consistently win without it; for this reason it carries the Foundational Chart Analysis

Series designation. This status signifies that the techniques taught in this home study

course will serve as a critical foundation to your future trading success.

You will learn my proprietary trading strategies for combining the most used techniques of

professional traders into a multi disciplinary methodology which reveals the major support

and resistance levels acted on by these professionals in their everyday trading. By

combining these strategies, you will learn how to quantify which support and resistance

levels offer the highest probabilities of creating a market reversal as price approaches

these areas. When you are armed with this knowledge, you will experience the following

benefits in your trading:

1) Prevent you from Making the Mistake of Initiating Long Trades against Major Resistance
2) Prevent you from Making the Mistake of Initiating Short Trades against Major Support
3) Allow you to Accurately Assess the True Risk of Taking the Trade, Before you Make it
4) Identify the Optimum Price to Set your Stop Loss
5) Identify, in Advance, the High Probability Turning Points on any Chart which Allows you

to Patiently Wait for the Trade to Come to you
6) Reduce the Number of Losing Trades
7) Increase the Number of Winning Trades
Cool Learn the High Probability Conditions Needed to Stop and Reverse your Position to Turn

Losing Trades into Winning Trades

Imagine experiencing these benefits in your own trading! A great deal of tension and

frustration can be removed from the trading process by understanding the high probability

turning points and patiently waiting for the market to arrive there before placing your

trades. By following this process you will find that you are actually instilling good

trading habits from an inner psychological level. By trading off of professional support and

resistance levels you will greatly reduce or eliminate the following actions which prevent

you from winning:

1) Over trading
2) Chasing Bad Trades
3) Buying Market Highs
4) Selling Market Lows
5) Getting in Trades too Late
6) Exiting Profitable Trades too Early
7) Listening to News and Rumors
Cool Risking too Much on a Trade
9) Analysis Paralysis
10) Playing Psychological kick me Games

The reason that this multi disciplinary approach works so well is because professional

traders are collectively using these exact same techniques. They are not employing the exact

same strategies in the same way that you will learn in this seminar, but these strategies

will track the high probability levels that these smart money traders will trade from when

price approaches these areas on the chart. Below are the trading techniques and

methodologies that are disclosed in this comprehensive course:

1) How to use the Critical Aspects of Gann Analysis Including the Square of Nine or Gann

2) Fibonacci Price Techniques Including Retracements, Extensions and Expansions; upon

Completing this Course you will have Professional Level Fibonacci Trading Skills
3) Various Price Levels Widely Followed by Professional Traders Including Multiple Timeframe

Floor Trader Pivot levels
4) Specific Market Profile Strategies to Determine Accurate Support and Resistance Levels
5) Using Market Structure to Expose Hidden Areas where Professionals will Likely Enter for a

Market Reversal
6) Using the Balance of Price Action to Track Market Symmetry to Pinpoint Likely Reversal

Levels on your Chart
7) Very Powerful, but Simple, Supply and Demand Analysis Techniques to Uncover Latent Supply

and Demand Trading Areas where the Market Professionals will Enter the Market for a Reversal


This 5 DVD course is the equivalent of a PhD in trading from support/resistance zones. It

would require a much larger investment to acquire a small fraction of the trading knowledge

divulged in this course. If you went to your local bookstore and purchased books on each of

these subjects (many of the techniques that I teach are not available in bookstores

anywhere) you would spend more than the entire charge for this course.

You would then need to spend hundreds of hours reading, researching and trading with this

information and you would still have just a fraction of the skills that you will learn from

this course.

With my usual presentation style, this information is presented in a clean, clear and easy

to understand format that everybody will understand. This course was filmed live, in an

interactive environment, so you can be assured that you will complete this course and be

ready to put your new found skills to work immediately. It doesnt matter what you trade,

whether its stocks, futures, FOREX, options, E minis, and/or commodities; the skills that

you learn in this course will be invaluable to your trading success. This also applies to

whatever timeframe trader you are, from a scalper to a long term investor, this trading

knowledge is crucial to your future success. It is universal to all markets and timeframes

and its application to the markets is timeless. Let me bring the classroom to your home and

help you master the art of trading from support and resistance levels.

Special Bonus DVD Seminar Included:

Effectively using Support/Resistance Zones to Create an Effective Trading Plan

This seminar reinforces the skills that you need to trade from S/R levels like a

professional trader. You will learn:

1) To Evaluate the Overall Risk of Placing the Trade
2) How to Decide if the Trade Parameters are Tradable
3) Where to Place your Protective Stop
4) Exactly where and How to Place Trailing Stops to Maximize Profit Potential while

Minimizing Risk
5) Why you should scale out of your positions
6) When to use Stop and Reverse Orders

The trading knowledge revealed in this seminar will take your skill set up yet another level

from the powerful techniques already discussed. This is a mentorship level class on stop

management, trailing stop placement and position/trade management. The strategies taught in

this class are usually reserved for multi thousand dollar courses!

This 6 DVD home study course is the the most effective, practical and comprehensive

support/resistance course ever produced. It comes with custom notes pages for you to fill in

as you progress through the course so you can concentrate on the valuable information being

presented instead of worrying how to write down your notes. This method will greatly improve

any methodology that youre currently using, take your trading to the next level and learn

these strategies today!


02_Trading Levels.avi
03_Gann Square of Nine.avi
04_Gann Math Levels.avi
05_Market Structure.avi
06_Fibonacci Relationships.avi
07_Market Symmetry.avi
08_Point of Pain.avi
09_Dynamic Support Resistance Levels.avi
10_Case Studies.avi
11_Applying the Techniques.avi
12_Questions & Answers.avi
13_Bonus DVD.avi

http://www.wupload.com/file/31039749/ToddKrueger - Support_Resistance_Techniques.part1.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/31040302/ToddKrueger - Support_Resistance_Techniques.part2.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/31039823/ToddKrueger - Support_Resistance_Techniques.part3.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/31042019/ToddKrueger - Support_Resistance_Techniques.part4.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/31042395/ToddKrueger - Support_Resistance_Techniques.part5.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/31043202/ToddKrueger - Support_Resistance_Techniques.part6.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/31043482/ToddKrueger - Support_Resistance_Techniques.part7.rar
http://www.wupload.com/file/31041324/ToddKrueger - Support_Resistance_Techniques.part8.rar
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Todd Krueger - Foundational Chart Analysis Series: Support / Resistance Techniques of Professional Traders
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