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 VideoMach 5.8.5 Professional

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PostSubject: VideoMach 5.8.5 Professional   Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:53 am

VideoMach 5.8.5 Professional

Quote :
VideoMach 5.8.5 Professional | 4 MB

VideoMach is a popular software for converting images to video, disassembling video to

pictures, adding audio to animations, extracting audio from movies, speeding up video,

slowing it down, resizing, cropping and rotating. VideoMach uses high performance media

processing engine with ability to construct, join, split, filter, tune and convert digital

video, audio, images and image sequences. Supports AVI, MPEG, MP3, FLC, JPEG, PNG, BMP, SGI,

WAV, OGG and many other formats.

VideoMach is mostly used for converting output of high-speed imagers, 3D renderers,

time-lapse capture, game videos and stop-motion animation to presentation video. Supported

formats in Standard version include AVI, MPEG, FLC, HAV, JPEG, PNG, BMP, DIB, TGA, PNM and

more. Professional version adds formats used in high-speed imagers and graphics

workstations, such as BAYER, CINE/CVR, SUN, RAS, SGI, RGB, TIFF, XPM and more.

Work with large image sequences is made simple and fast in two ways:

(1) You only need to open the first image to open entire sequence. There's no need for

multi-select clicking, holding shift and scrolling, like in other applications.

(2) Image sequence scanning is performed from 20 to 500 times faster than in competing

applications. That means you don't have to wait 10 minutes to open that huge sequence.

Different video filters can be used to enhance final output. Some of them include Sharpen,

Emboss, Brightness, Contrast, Motion-Blur, Oil-Painting, Matrix, Text, White Balance,

Saturation and many others.

VideoMach supports automated conversions called from command-line, Windows Scheduler or

other external applications.


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VideoMach 5.8.5 Professional
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